Zoraida Callejas Carrión

Welcome to my personal web page. In it you will find information about my interests, a brief summary of my research and teaching, as well as contact details. If you have any doubt, query, comment or just to say hello, do not hesitate to contact me.

I am Zoraida Callejas, Assistant Professor at the Department of Languages and Computer Systems at the Technical School of Computer Science and Telecommunications, University of Granada, Spain. I completed a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2005, and a PhD in Computer Science at University of Granada in July 2008.

My research activities are mostly related to speech technologies and in particular to the investigation of affective dialogue systems, combining fundamental research with an emphasis on real-world problems. My research interests include affective state recognition, and emotion annotation and management in complex and adaptive dialogue systems.

More about me:

Content curation about [affective] dialogue systems in Scoop.it

Twitter: @zoraidacallejas


New book: Voice Application Development for Android Progressing, Michael F. McTear, Zoraida Callejas. A practical guide to develop advanced and exciting voice applications for Android using open source software. Check it out here